Stuff For Dogs

Dog Treats

Wanna Cookie?!?!

Let's face it, we all love giving our pets some treats! That look on their face when you ask, "do you want a cookie?" says it all. Here at Mountain Tails we have a wall of treats spanning all types of proteins, flavors and sizes. Additionally we have many grain-free options. Whether you're looking for some small bit sized treats for training, a jerky slice or a locally harvested shed antler chew we've got it!

If that's not enough...
We also carry a wide variety of bulk treats including:

* Bullysticks (from 6-18" sizes)
* Bully braids
* Bully spirals
* Tracheas
* Pig ears
* Beef shank bones
* Natural beef cheek rolls
* Large assortment of natural rawhide

And for dessert...
Check out our bakery cabinet filled with hand crafted, fresh baked treats...They truly look and smell good enough to eat (some customers don't even realize they're for dogs!). Chicken liver based with a carob coating will make the most discerning K-9 drool.

The baked birthday bones are a special treat that's hard to beat!

These are just a few of our selections!