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Be Healthy!

We carry a wide selection of (grain & grain free) premium kibble, cans and raw food (and bones) to suit just about any diet for your K-9 friend! We avoid soy products, artificial ingredients and low grade proteins in our food selections.

It's critical for your pet to have a healthy diet and eating right not only makes for a happy and fit animal but also helps to prevent future ailments and illnesses. If you're ready to switch to a new food or perhaps the current food your dog is on no longer agrees with them, then come on in (or call) as we'd love to help dial in the appropriate diet.

We always have lots of samples in stock as well so go ahead and "try it!" In addition to our premium brands we also carry locally processed raw beef/elk/venison meat, raw marrow bones and antler chews

If we don't have what you're looking for, we order on a weekly basis and the odds are we can get what you need...and there's never a "special order fee." Call or stop by to place any order (special or from our regular stock) and we'll pull that order when it comes in, place it aside with your name on it so you know it's here just for you. And we don't require any pre-payment! Need to stock up on 6 bags of food (yes, that happens!) or 4 cases of cans? No sweat... just let us know before noon on Friday and we'll get it here Monday/Tuesday of the following week.

These are just a few of our selections!