Quality Beds

At the end of a long, hard day (of playing of course!) our dogs deserve a great place to crash out for a good night’s rest. Dog beds vary greatly in shape, size and material…but most importantly in quality. Yes, you can go grab a cheap bed at a big box store, but you really do get what you pay for. If you truly want a high quality bed that’s going to last, it’s worth paying a little more. Providing the proper support is priceless.

A bed is an investment in both your pet’s comfort and overall health. Inferior beds will pack out, become lumpy and begin to separate. The orthopedic results of a cheap or beat up bed can be severe. Our hounds really use their muscles and joints in ways that is difficult for us “uprights” to fully appreciate. The dog’s body needs the rest and recovery whether they’re a top flight athlete or an aging senior. Rest them bones!


We carry a wide selection of premium beds in squares, rounds, donuts and mats. All our beds are machine washable and if you don’t like the colors in stock we can easily drop ship you a bed of your choice in no time. Trust us, you’ll be jealous when you see these beds…and your dog will NOT share!

From tea cup pups to great mastiffs, we have the sizes and styles to properly match your hound and provide years of comfy nights… dreaming about running through the trails of Crested Butte

These are just a small sampling of what we carry.
If you’d like to know all the brands or what we can get for you, please give us a call.