Options Galore

Playtime is one of the most important times of the day. Not only in terms of pure fun, but it’s an integral part of your pet’s social and mental development…ok, but the fun factor is HUGE, let’s not kid ourselves!

When it comes to toys, we are stocked with the coolest selection of products to get your pet excited and energized for a play session. We carry a wide array or Frisbees, tug-o-war pulls, balls of every shape and size, fetch toys, nighttime toys and if that’s not enough we pack the walls with tons of plush animals from the huge guys to the stuff-less ones for the “squeaky killers!” The cats need their playtime too! We keep feather wands, laser pointers, crinkle balls just to name of few. Of course good ol’ catnip is a must to keep on hand!