Proper Identification

What hound isn’t up for a romp outside?! Seeing that tail wag and eyes light up when it’s “that time” is simply priceless. Whether you’re embarking on a day long hike or just taking fido out for that last bathroom break of the night, our dogs need to be properly “dressed.”

One of the important items we can provide our pets is identification. Getting the right tag and providing the critical information is the best way to ensure you’ll be reunited with your hound should you ever be separated unexpectedly. Let’s face it, we’ve all either witnessed, heard about or personally experienced that dog that decided to take themselves for a nice walk…alone! We carry an assortment of tags in many sizes, shapes, designs and colors.


And as long as our furry friends need to carry some ID, why not do it in style?! Collars are no longer just a boring piece of webbed nylon. The choices are virtually endless now and combine both function and fashion. Why just have 1 collar year after year? Mix it up a bit and have fun! From polka dots to rasta stripes…silver & turquoise southwest leather to Hawaiian hibiscus flower prints… our selection is huge!


Now as much as we’d love to let our dogs roam to the ends of earth, we just can’t. OK, if you’re in the Butte there are lots of options for off-leash walking for the well behaved pooch, so please take advantage of that freestyle stroll next time you’re visiting. For most of the time though, we should have our furballs on leash and choosing the right one for your dog makes all the difference. Size, material, flexi-retractable, bungee…we got it! And when it comes to colors and designs you’ll find no shortage here.

It’s fine to have a naked dog at the house, but make sure they’re dressed for their
W-A-L-K…come by Mountain Tails and let your pal pick out their next outfit 😉

These are just a small sampling of what we carry.
If you’d like to know all the brands or what we can get for you, please give us a call.