Whether you’re in the ‘Butte or just cruising around on a cold day back home, be sure to outfit your animal for their next adventure!

Up here in the mountains gear rules and we pass the importance of properly outfitting down to our furry friends. When it comes down to it though, any pet would appreciate the right layer or gear no matter where you live! Both winter and summer present adverse conditions that warrant the protection for our pets…base layering, weather proof jackets, technical boots, backpacks, eyewear and even rappelling harnesses (for the truly adventurous) help your 4 legged buddy join you in the outdoors in comfort and safety.

We carry a wide variety of high end products focused more on technical/functionality than “bling.” Sure we have our cool Harley Davidson shirts, bandanas and the like, but when the rubber hits the road that bedazzled tee shirt just won’t cut it when the weather turns south. The outdoors is your pet’s true playground…make that time enjoyable by outfitting them with the right gear!

These are just a small sampling of what we carry.
If you’d like to know all the brands or what we can get for you, please give us a call.